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6 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyebrows This Summer

There are few things we love about summer as much as we love unruly eyebrows. When it’s hot and humid, sweat is inevitable. And when your hair is dripping with sweat all day long, keeping the focus on your brows can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for you to take care of your brows this summer. No matter how humid or hot it gets, a strong and well-groomed pair of arches is essential to keeping your face from looking chaotic. With that in mind, here are 6 ways you can take care of your eyebrows this summer.

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Don’t skip the conditioner.

The first step in taking care of your brows is to start conditioning them. If you condition your hair, then you most likely condition your eyebrows too. And that’s great — you’re already a few steps ahead of the game. But if you don’t condition your brows, or you don’t do it often enough, then you might as well throw in the towel right now. You can’t expect your brows to be in their best shape when they’re dry, brittle, and brittle. If you’re not sure how to condition your eyebrows, start by massaging a small amount of conditioner into your brows, from the base all the way to the tips. Make sure you avoid getting conditioner in your eyes; it’s not fun, trust us.

## Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Your brows might be the most important part of your face when it comes to summer beauty. When you’re sitting out in the sun, you need to make sure that your brows are protected too. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re wearing a sunscreen that is designed to protect your face. If you’re wearing waterproof makeup, be sure to apply sunscreen underneath it, as waterproofing usually doesn’t protect against UV rays. You can also use a tinted brow gel that has sunscreen built in. If you aren’t wearing makeup, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen above your eyebrows too.

Trim your brows often.

If your brows look a little long, there’s no shame in trimming them a bit. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to trimming your brows from time to time. For starters, it makes your brows look tidier and more groomed. It also opens up your face, allowing you to look younger and more refreshed. Trimming your brows every month or two is a great way to keep them in shape and make them look as tidy as possible. We recommend you visit a salon to get your brows trimmed by a professional. They’ll know exactly how to shape your brows so that they look great without looking too unnatural.

Use a tinted eyebrow gel.

If your brows are a little sparse or if they’re just looking a little unkempt, then a tinted brow gel is definitely for you. Tinted brow gel is like a crayon for your brows; it allows you to fill in the gaps and spice them up a bit. Tinted brow gel is available in a variety of colours, so you can definitely find a shade that suits your brows. Plus, it’s easy to apply. All you need to do is swipe the crayon over your brows in short, quick strokes so that the product doesn’t get clumped up.

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Avoid pencil-thin brows.

Let’s face it — some celebrities have so-called “perfect” brows that just don’t look right on them. The result? Pencil-thin brows that don’t look good on just about anyone. If you have naturally thick brows, then by all means, keep them as thick as possible. But if you have naturally thin brows, there are a couple of things you can do to make them look thicker. First, you can try using a brow pencil or brow gel. Both are great for filling in sparse areas and giving your brows a more full and natural look.

Keep your tools clean.

If your beauty tools aren’t kept clean, then they aren’t doing their job. This is especially true when it comes to your brow groomer — the tool you use to keep your brows tidy, groomed, and unplugged. To keep your brow groomer clean, you can use the same cleaning agent you use on your makeup brushes. Simply apply a bit of cleaning solution to a cotton pad and wipe down your brow groomer. If you don’t have cleaning solution, you can also use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.

Now that you know how to take care of your eyebrows, you’re ready to show off your summer beauty without any worries. Strong, tidy eyebrows are essential to looking polished, especially when the heat and humidity start cranking. With these 6 ways to take care of your brows this summer, you can rest assured that your brows will be in perfect shape.

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