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Weekend Famous REMIX

Divaudra's Weekend Famous Remix is coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend with some new and great tunes. Music to help you get feeling right

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About Me

About Divaudra

Divaudra is a singer-songwriter and music artist based in Dallas Texas.
Soulful and uplifting, Divaudra’s sound blends R&B and House music to
create her own unique, high-energy fusion genre. Her latest single,
‘Weekend Famous (Remix)’, was released in August 2022.

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The Team

Music Artist

 Audra Pollard


 Phazz Clark

Phazzanation Studios


Mastering Engineer

Aslan Audio

Photography and Wardrobe Stylist

Tanya Stoudermire

Makeup Artist

Erica Smith

Hair Stylist

Tiara Simmons

Single Cover Design

Melissa Pollard

REMIX Cover Design

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