Weekend Famous REMIX

Divaudra's Weekend Famous Remix is coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend with some new and great tunes. Music to help you get feeling right

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About Me

Live, Life, Laugh

As a young girl growing up I always dreamed of being a singer/ songwriter performer.  I made my way to Dallas Texas via Fashion Design and after graduating I ended up getting an opportunity of a lifetime to sing and perform overseas.

When returning back to the states I started working on solo projects and during the process I had the privilege of working with some amazing musicians, singers and producers as well as being a part of some extraordinary bands here in Dallas.

Back in 2013 I joined my good friend Jeff Taylor’s band called The Tin Man Band. We played closely together (mostly on the weekends) live at clubs, weddings, and private events for almost 5 years. Sometimes surrounded by strangers, and sometimes our friends and family, and then eventually followers who became our fans. Jeff and I always talked about writing and producing an album to perform for our fans one day.


But, in  October 2018 my dear friend Jeff passed away unexpectedly. His passing so suddenly, devastated me to the core. About a month after his funeral, I started reminiscing of our time together writing down words which turned into a song and then ignited my project WEEKEND FAMOUS. He was a such a great  father, husband, mentor and friend to me and lived such a wonderful life. He made me realize how precious time is in one’s own lifetime and one of the things he always told me was “have no regrets”.  Well Jeff – no regrets  this one is for you and our family, friends and fans…..<3 Audra


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The Team

Music Artist

 Audra Pollard


 Phazz Clark

Phazznation Studios


Mastering Engineer

Aslan Audio

Photography and Wardrobe Stylist

Tanya Stoudermire

Makeup Artist

Erica Smith

Hair Stylist

Tiara Simmons

Single Cover Design

Melissa Pollard

REMIX Cover Design

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